UMNO Segani Chua Soi Lek?

1. Kelmarin (6 Ogos 2010), Presiden MCA Chua Soi Lek melabelkan negara-negara Islam sebagai negara yang ‘tidak progresif, korup, miskin dan terkebelakang’. Ia adalah suatu penghinaan yang sangat dahsyat.

2. Malangnya, penghinaan Chua Soi Lek itu tidak pula disanggah oleh pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang mengaku sebagai parti juara Melayu-Islam.

3. Najib Razak hanya membisu.

4. Muhyiddin Yasin juga membisu.

5. Ibrahim Ali pula tiada respon.

6. Hanya pemimpin sebelah oposisi yang senada mengecam Chua sebagai jahil dan angkuh. Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng serta Idris Ahmad adalah antara yang melahirkan rasa kesal dengan kenyataan Chua yang keterlaluan itu.

7. Saya sedih kerana persahabatan UMNO selama lebih separuh abad masih gagal menjadikan MCA sebagai sebuah parti non-Muslim yang lebih mengenali Islam. Mereka bermesyuarat sekali. Makan sekali. Berjuang sekali. Namun UMNO gagal memberikan MCA, sahabat seperjuangannya itu suatu persepsi yang baik tentang Islam.

8. Seperkara lagi, Presiden MCA itu tidak punyai kelayakan untuk bercakap tentang Islam memandangkan moralnya yang terlalu rendah.

9. Lebih memalukan apabila rakan seperjuangannya yang beragama Islam tidak menegur kenyataan itu. Adakah rakan-rakan seperjuangannya yang beragama Islam itu punyai moral yang lebih rendah daripada moral Chua Soi Lek?

10. Saya sedang berfikir tentang hal ini.

3 thoughts on “UMNO Segani Chua Soi Lek?

  1. What is the function of armed enforcement agencies like PDRM and MACC?.
    They are supposed to catch big time thieves of the Malaysian treasury.
    In this way the wealth of the nation will be circulated within the country.
    Then it is not necessary for small theieves to carry out minor crimes out of necessity to fill the stomaches of their families.
    PDRM and MACC has failed the people in the above agenda.
    They goes around catching small theieves.But as the economy of Malaysia goes fom bad to worst more people are forced to be small thieves everyday.They never to be able to have enough mampower to catch all the newly born small thieves.
    PDRM amd MACC did not catch Tiong King Sing and Musa Aman who stole billions from the country.If these billions were not taken out of the country many Malaysians would have a decent job and do not have to resort to corruption and stealing from the supermarkets.
    I am from Kulim,Sabah but I have stayed in KK for more than 20 years.My IT management contacts in all the 5 star hotels have supplied me with a wealth of the corruption details on most of the Sabah ministers especially Musa Aman.But whenever I send them to MACC they always say that it is complete.They poured cold water over thw whole issue.
    But they must know that if I take the documents from Musa Aman’s office the police may arrest me for stealing and put me to jail.
    The conclusion between the police,MACC Musa Aman is simply I help you and you help me.Musa Aman steal billions and we cover you

  2. the insult of Islamic countries as corrupt, ineffectiveness and moving backwards by Chua Soi Lek is unacceptable. did he realise that he live in muslim majority country. i also sad about what najib have done to stop this vermin. there are some boundries that must be taken when we want to comment about some issue.

  3. The good Chinese man takes care of family,society and country,
    Like Tan Siew Sin of MCA,
    Like Lee Lam Thye of DAP,
    Like Lim Guan Eng of Penang,
    The bad Chinese man takes care of his personal desires in 4 ways of life namely Cher,Her,Too,Piaw..Gluttony,Drunkard,Gambling-obsession with dirty sex with dirty women,
    This man eats shark fin ,abalone and bird nest costing thousands ringgit a night.His suppliers treated him in return for business favors.
    This man drink XOs costing thousands of ringgit in the top nightclubs.
    This man bought over the biggest gambling outfit in the country..
    This man exchange in dirty sex with dirty women in a dirty hotel rooms.
    This man is not a good role model for Malaysian Chinese..

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